My Teaching Philosophy (A Letter to My Students)

A university course is like a conversation had over a three month walk. I am like your guide. It’s a walk I’ve taken many times with many students. For our conversation, I’ve selected a few interesting topics. For our path, I’ve selected a few interesting places. I’ve led many other students down this path before, … Read more

My life as a super anosmic-smeller

A blindsighter is someone who can’t see in part of their visual field, but when given choices, can accurately guess what’s there. These individuals have damage to their primary visual cortex, but fully functional eyes. Their residual ability to (seemingly) “see unconsciously” derives from parts of the optic nerve which bypass the damaged brain region. … Read more

Going vegan: Preliminary metabolic analysis

To summarize, a preliminary analysis of the data suggests that in my first four weeks going vegan, I needed to consume somewhere around 300 kcals a day worth of food more than I was before to meet the same energy demands. That’s a shocking increase, over 11%. Whether it holds up long-term, or whether my body adapts in some way, is yet to be seen. I used to be a big believer that weight management was just a matter of balancing calories in vs calories out, but this is a pretty dramatic demonstration that since not all “calories in” are absorbed, just balancing this equation isn’t right. I like being wrong, and admitting as much.