NFL’s coronavirus testing: Potential harm

A few days ago Mike Florio questioned, on the PFT website and podcast, the ethics of the NFL’s upcoming coronavirus testing. He asks: will the NFL’s testing requirements drain testing resources that otherwise could or would be utilized by members of the general public in a given city? Each of the NFL’s 32 teams will … Read more

Going vegan: Preliminary metabolic analysis

To summarize, a preliminary analysis of the data suggests that in my first four weeks going vegan, I needed to consume somewhere around 300 kcals a day worth of food more than I was before to meet the same energy demands. That’s a shocking increase, over 11%. Whether it holds up long-term, or whether my body adapts in some way, is yet to be seen. I used to be a big believer that weight management was just a matter of balancing calories in vs calories out, but this is a pretty dramatic demonstration that since not all “calories in” are absorbed, just balancing this equation isn’t right. I like being wrong, and admitting as much.